Monday, February 16, 2009

Why a Protestant Minister Becomes Catholic - Scott Hahn

Scott Hahn is one of the most influential Catholic speakers of our time. He was not always that way. As a matter of fact, he was a card carrying Anti-Catholic. He believed that the Pope was the Anti-Christ that was going to lead millions of Catholics straight to hell.

So how did this man go from Anti-Catholic to famed Catholic Apologist? Listen to his testimony here, as he explains Why a Protestant Pastor Becomes a Catholic.
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Christa said...

I've heard Scott's story before and read his "Rome Sweet Home" as well. I enjoyed listening to it again - very compelling, especially coming from such a scholar!

Carlus Henry said...


Early in my marriage, I read Scott Hahn's Rome Sweet Home, as well. At that time, it didn't give me pause. I am not sure why, but it just didn't.

Recently, I had the opportunity of being addressed by Mr. Scott Hahn at a conference. He was doing the introductions and welcoming, and then he asked if there were any Non-Catholics in the audience. I raised my hand, expecting there to be more, but I was the only Non-Catholic there.

At that point he scanned the room to see if anyone raised their hand, and since I was the only one, he looked dead at me and said "Welcome...". Of course everyone at that point had turned their chair around to look to see who would be the only Non-Catholic at a Catholic conference. :)

Recently, I picked up his book titled Hail, Holy Queen. Scott Hahn did a first rate job on explaining the importance of Mary and the role that she played in Salvation history, and the role that she continues to play today, as our Holy Mother.

I never did realize, for instance, that the last recorded thing that she said in the Bible is the same thing that she tells us today...

His mother said to the servants, "Do whatever he tells you." - John 2:5

Mary will always lead the servants to Christ.

God bless...

Stephan Kinsella said...

Any idea where Kimberly's story is available?

Carlus Henry said...


If I remember correctly, the book Rome Sweet Home is what chronicles their journey to the Catholic Church together.

It is written in such a fashion that one chapter is split into two where one part is from Scott's perspective while the next part is from Kimberly's.

If you are intersted in podcasts....I would recommend looking here

Catholic Apologetic Podcasts

Here you will find some additional talks from Scott Hahn as well as Kimberly, as well as a host of others.

God bless..

Carlus Henry said...


I also subscribe to the following blog:

Sonitus Sanctus

I just noticed that they have Kimberly Hahn's conversion story posted at the link above.

God bless...