Sunday, March 21, 2010

Peter Kreeft Event :- Favorite Quote

So, shame on me. One of my heroes in theology came to Grand Rapids to speak, and I have not found the time to share one iota of knowledge that I gained. Well, in light of that, I thought that I at least have enough time to share with you my favorite quote of his that night.

"I am an Evangelical Catholic....I evangelize Catholics and catholicize Evangelicals"

That was great, and it got a great laugh from the audience.

If you are interested in hearing Peter Kreefts entire talk that night, it is now available on Immaculate Heart of Mary's website.

Wisdom of Jesus - Part 1
Wisdom of Jesus - Part 2
Wisdom of Jesus - Part 3
Wisdom of Jesus - Part 4
Wisdom of Jesus - Q/A

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Thanks and God bless....

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Kyle Adams said...

Loved Kreeft when he spoke at Calvin's January Series:

Good stuff.