Monday, November 10, 2008

Why are Catholic Bibles Bigger...?

In passing, I had a very short conversation regarding how the Bible was formed with a Protestant friend of mine. We both remarked that it was a very lengthy process in determining which books of the Bible were official cannon of the New Testament and which ones were not. We both agreed that only the Holy Spirit could have been working through the Church in order to determine the New Testament cannon.

While Catholics and Protestants agree on the books of the New Testament, we disagree on the books of the Old Testament. There are seven books of the Old Testament found in Catholic Bibles that are not found in Protestant Bibles. These seven books (along with portions of Esther and Daniel) are what is considered Deuterocanonical.

After my brief conversation with my friend, I decided to do a little more research in order to get a better understanding of how and why the Catholic and Protestant Old Testament Cannon of scripture differ.

I found a great article written by Jason Evert, titled How to Defend the Deuterocanonicals. It was very good to read in order to get a better understanding of how the deuterocanonical books were always considered a part of sacred scripture.


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