Sunday, December 21, 2008

Who is Santa Claus?

Merry Christmas Everyone.

Wrapping Christmas presents last night, listening to Holiday music on the radio and lighting the fourth and final candle of the Advent Wreath, I have been getting more and more excited for Christmas, and celebrating the birth of Jesus.  Among many of the different symbols and characters of the Christmas season, none is more prominent on television and radio than Santa Claus.  Where did this jolly old man come from?

When I was at one of my Christian middle schools, I clearly remember a skit that some of the students put together for the entire school.  The skit was a game show where the contestants were invited to unscrambe words.  The letters were placed on the board and it read "ATSAN".  One of the contestants said "Santa", and they were awarded as winner.  The interesting thing, and of couse the lesson that could be learned, was the answer of the second contestant, which was "Satan".

Hmmmm.....Well, let's consider it.  He is dressed in red, and he sees you when you are sleeping and he knows when you are awake.  But more importantly, Santa takes your attention away from Jesus, the real reason for Christmas.  I was sold.  Santa was Satan.  Therefore, why should we spend time focusing on this liar, and deciever who takes glory awary from the Infant Baby Jesus?

Now, that I am not such an ignorant kid anymore, I know that Santa is not Satan.  He is not evil at all.  In fact, Santa is a Saint.  He is none other than legendary hero for Jesus, St. Nicholas.  Santa Claus is the just a more commercialized version of St. Nick.  He didn't have reindeer and he didn't live in the North Pole, but he was known to love children, and secretly give away gifts - commonly in the form of stuffing coins in the shoes of people who left them out.

Unfortunately, Saints and their lives as hereos of the faith are not celebrated within all of the different denominations.  This is the reason why I was taught that Santa was Satan, stealing God's glory - when the truth and historical fact is Santa was part of the Super Heroes for Jesus club, and his life should be examined and imitated.

Santa, I am sorry that I thought that you were a pawn of Satan, when you were actually a Bishop for Christ.

God bless...


Chrisian said...

Well said. Santa is not Satan - he represents much that is good and cheerful and selfless about the Christmas season. Unfortunately it seems that St.Nick (or his modern representation) has eclipsed Christ for many people, including Christians, for a very long time.

Personally, I say that we should just turn the entire holiday over to him and say be done with it. I think I might enjoy it more without the inherent conflict within this holiday.

BTW - great job over on God Gal's site. I didn't agree with everything that you said but you said it very well. And you made me (and perhaps one or two others) think.

Carlus Henry said...


Personally, I say that we should just turn the entire holiday over to him and say be done with it. I think I might enjoy it more without the inherent conflict within this holiday.

I know that it can be very discouraging to see fellow Christians losing sight of the true reason for the season. Let's make a pact that we will not let them affect our devotion to Christ on his special day. Let us lead by example.

BTW - great job over on God Gal's site

Wow. Thank you. It was, and still is, an interesting discussion going on there. They are talking about a belief that I once held for many years, and only recently let go of. While holding that position, I never questioned why I held it. I was interested to hear from others as to why they believe in Sola Scriptura and how they believed the Bible was formed. It was very educational.

God bless, and looking forward to hearing from you in the future.