Thursday, August 20, 2009

Denominational Stand on Abortion

Just out of curiosity, I was very interested to know what the various denominations stands were on abortion. After doing a quick internet search, I happened upon the following article that goes into detail on the stance of various religious groups and their stance. What I found was quite surprising.

If you are interested in learning more details, please follow the link. For those of you, who just want the general breakdown, here it is:

Roman Catholic Church - Pro-Life
Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod) - Pro-Life
United Church of Christ - Pro-Choice
Southern Baptist - Pro-Choice then later Pro-Life
American Baptist - Pro-Choice
Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) - Pro-Life
Presbyterian Church (USA) - Pro-Life then later, not entirely sure
United Methodist Church - Pro-Choice
Episcopal Church - Pro-Choice
Lutheran Church (ELCA) - Pro-Choice
Orthodox Churches - Pro-Life

We are living in very uncertain times. There is legislation that is being considered to allow for tax dollars to support abortion. While this is an atrocity, I find it equally offending, if not more, that many Pro-Life Christians are part of church institutions that support abortion.

If you are Pro-Life, and you happen to support, or be a member of one of these denominations, I would strongly encourage you to talk to your pastor and see if your tithes and offering is contributing to this atrocity.

God bless...

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Belteshazzar Mouse said...

I am surprised that there are no comments here, because I believe that a member of any one of these churches, especially based on the text in the sited article, would adamantly oppose the title pro-choice. Yes, this is a matter of worldview and definition only.

Some hard questions:

Is taking another's life always wrong? Is denying another their will wrong?

It is my firm belief that we are all challenged first with changing hearts before changing laws.