Sunday, December 27, 2009

Woman knocks down Pope

During our family's Christmas celebration, I was shocked to hear that someone had knocked down the Pope during Christmas Eve Mass.  Evidently, during the procession, when the priest and altar servers begin the Mass celebration by walking down the center aisle with the crowd joining the beginning of the Mass by standing, someone hopped over the pew, and knocked down the Pope.  The Pope is fine and was able to celebrate Mass.

At the same time, this whole incident got me thinking.  Here we have the Leader of the Church, arguably the man in the most influential office in the world, about to share the Good News of the Birth of our Savior with his congregation / family.  Just before he gets a chance to do so, someone attacks him - attempting to disrupt the gospel.  How many times has that happened to all of us?  Just when you are about to share the Gospel with someone, the enemy attacks, disrupts, causes confusion?  How many times has that happened to me, when I try to share the Gospel, the enemy tries to take me down - if not through an external threat but an internal one?  "You don't know enough about your faith to share it......Only a fool would believe in God....How and Why would God, the all powerful God come down and suffer the most horrendous death for who have sinned against Him so many times....".  How many times have I allowed the enemy's attacks to succeed....?

Please pray for me and I will pray for you - that we will not allow the enemy's empty threats disrupt our conviction in the Gospel.  That in 2010, we will all share the Good News of Jesus Christ, and His Church, no matter who comes up against us, no matter what form the enemy's attack may take.

God bless you all.....


Deborah said...

I think I will print that last paragraph and carry it with me..... I wish it were that easy. I will be praying for you, and thank you for praying for me Carlus. Happy New Year... =)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Good morning Carlus! Have a Happy New Year!!

I actually got to see the Pope one time. I was in Rome on a mini-vacation from the military, stationed in southern Italy, early 1960's.

God Bless and have a great New Year!!